Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dear Sweet Ellie-Lu,

Tonight I listen to you breathe as you have fallen asleep on the floor beside me, and I am so thankful for those sounds, that life that stirs within you! Hopefully you will not remember the horrible day we had on Wednesday. I had just written the blog entry below about multi-tasking when I truly discovered that I cannot keep so many "tabs" open at once.

I won't go into all the details, but the point being that you went with your sister to get some toys out of the car in the driveway, and she came back in. You didn't. I didn't notice. About 5 or 10 minutes later Mary Clare asked where you were, as I was talking on the phone and trying to nurse Steven Joseph to sleep in bed. My heart dropped as I rushed out to the car. You were okay, very upset and hot and scared...but Mommy is still shaken up.

My heart truly goes out to all the families who have lost children in this way. The guilt is haunting. The memory vivid. And this was a happy ending. God bless those dear parents who have suffered the loss of a child. What a heavy cross they must carry.

And so, Ellie, I treasure your sweet life even more today. I hug you tightly and tell you how much I love you, over and over again. I watch your dancing, your songs, your sisterly play, and I sing and pray with you with new vigor. I love those silver glitter shoes more than ever, and your Ellie-isms are especially sweet!

Today was the first First Friday class of the year. And this year, I am YOUR teacher. I have done so much with Mary Clare and am giving so much attention to Steven Joseph, that sometimes you become that "middle child" who gets left out. I am so happy to be spending the time planning and leading your special Preschool Pray and Play class! Today we celebrated the Birthday of Mary. You wanted to answer all the questions and sat by your sweet boy friend, J. You got your own backpack and folder and made a beautiful package for the Blessed Mother. We had a party at the park and you kept busy playing with your friends. I think you're going to be the leader of the little 3yr-old group. You are a few months older than most of them and they all adore you!

(If you can spot my girls, they are as close as possible to the rosary made of cupcakes!)

And I adore you, my gorgeous Lizzy-Lu. Your sweetness lights up a room, and brightens my heart. I pray that God gives us many more fun years together and I thank Him with my entire being that you are here today...breathing, living, singing, and dancing!


And so readers, please hold your kids tightly and watch them oh so carefully! I am so much more aware of how accidents can happen in an instant. Guardian Angels, protect us!

Ellie (ie "Hannah Ana") performing Twinkle, Twinkle a few days ago!


Colleen said...

Oh, Blair! How terrifying! I'm so glad that Ellie is okay. It is amazing how easily accidents can happen isn't it? Life is so fragile.

Lillian said...

Thank God that everything turned out okay. Ellie's guardian angel must have been working overtime and whispered into Mary Clare's ear.

Thank you for that reminder. I'll be sure to give out extra love today.

Neen said...

I have often found that when I am not listening the siblings are. Lillian is right, Thank God her guardian was so persistent. You are a great mom and I am so glad that everyone is safe. We also had fun at the party at the park yesterday.

Kristen said...

We all have those moments as mothers. I am so thankful to my children's guardian angels. Thank you, God for protecting them for us when we fail to!

Jill said...

Wow. How scary!
Thanks for this great reminder and for the beautiful words written about your beautiful girl.

And on a funny note- I laughed about the comment about your girls being the closest ones to the cupcakes. That would SO be my kids. My Bennett might be on the cupcake tray just to be that muck closer to the tasty treats!

Michelle said...

What a day for you! I am so glad that things turned out okay in the end. Sniff, sniff!

K said...

Thanking God that she is ok! And you are too!

Once upon a time, I forgot my child, now almost 21 at day care. I quit my job shortly thereafter...

A blessing came from that awful experience. She was 3 and still remembers the experience, probably because of how upset I was when I realized that I had forgotten her!

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