Friday, September 12, 2008

The Eerie Waiting

There has been an eerie silence around town today. Just preparing for Ike. And waiting. We went to Mass this morning. Father was so kind and such a good shepherd as he got us ready for the storm.

We went to the park with our friends who we were supposed to camp with this weekend. It was a nice morning activity!

With the breeze and clouds starting to come in, we've spent a lot of time outside today!

The calm before the storm. I'll put up some before and after pictures when we have power/internet; I assume we will be without it for a few days. We are ready for a family "camping" weekend indoors! We don't know anyone who has evacuated our area, except one of Steven's brothers. So I hope everyone stays safe! I'm praying for all our family and friends, all those rescue workers, and anyone who will be in harm's way in the coming hours. May God protect us all! May he keep our own home safe from harm and damage, and may this time of being together remind us of the blessing of family and the gifts that we have in our home, our food, our community.

Our Lady, Star of the Sea, pray for us!


Lerin said...

Where do you live, Blair? I didnt realize you alkl were in danger! We left Houston and are in Austin, plan to be here til we get power again. God bless you and your family.

Blair said...

Hey Lerin! Well now I know 2 people who have evacuated :) I am up north in "the woods" if you know what I mean ;)

Have a fun weekend in Austin! We were supposed to be camping near there but had to cancel :(

Neen said...

I always love seeing your family. They are all so beautiful. You did a great job with the BOL welcome night also. Our power has blinked 2 times and now I am a little crazy. God bless you and your family. I can't wait to see your after pics when ever we have power again!
in Him,

Lillian said...

Praying for all you in "the woods." Craig is especially praying for the tree over your bedroom. That tree always worried me A BUNCH!! Praying for a very uneventful and fun weekend!!

Love you all!! Wish we could join in the hurricane party!! Well ... except for the power outage and all that.

Catherine said...

God bless you all, Blair! We'll be praying for you from our place tonight.

Stephanie said...

I was just thinking about who I know in the Houston area and I thought about you. We're praying for your safety and power.

Anonymous said...

Blaire we are praying for you all. I can't stop watching the news. I hope you are safe!

Anonymous said...

Blair, we left town as did most of our friends and some of our family. We are mighty worried about the storm surge where we live. Please pray some extra prayers for us and our homes. So worried!

Blessings to you!

B-Mama said...

Hope this finds you all well after the storm... I know there are huge power outages, which is probably why you haven't updated. Prayers for you and your family!

Lillian said...

Blair, we're praying for you guys!! Sorry to hear about the electric outage and carpet damage!! :-(

I'm asking for prayers over at my blog for you guys and everyone there. Hoping everything goes back to normal ASAP!!

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