Sunday, September 28, 2008

and some funnies

from the past few days:

MC: "Mommy, since I didn't get blood on my band-aid, I'll just use it for something else. I'll RECYCLE!"


Ellie, referring to a name I mentioned : "That's a funny name"
MC: "Ellie, we say that name is DIFFERENT, not funny."


I ask MC to choose some books to put in the room where our overnight guests will be staying.
MC: "Yeah, I'll get some fun ones so they can read when they're in time-out!"


Ellie: "I want to be a queen too"
MC: "Ellie, I'm the queen and you're the VICE queen. If I die or get sick, then you get to be queen!"



Neen said...

"VICE Queen", she is really good at the political thing! Too cute!

Elizabeth said...

Guests going to time-out.. hee, hee... that's hilarious. I wouldn't mind reading books in time out for a while. I wonder if my kids would go for it.

Anonymous said...

precious! You are smart to jot these down.

We miss you guys!

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