Monday, September 29, 2008

Let's see

if I can get the pics to load today!

Woohoo! It works! Bowling party from yesterday

MC got right down to business

SJ wanted to be in on the action too!

Ellie did not like the loud noise

Daddy having fun!

Ellie finally got interested and wouldn't stop the last 15 minutes of bowling time! She really enjoyed it!


Lerin said...

Okay Blair... SMALL world. One of our FAMILIA co-facilitators (Sharon Dudley) was talking about going to the day of reflection you're doing tomorrow. I didn't realize that you had moved here from College Station, and now I am determined that you will let me drive to your area and take pictures of your cute family! Jenna can vouch for me. :)

Blair said...

Come on over! We'd love some family pictures :) Sharon told me to look out for Jenna today...but I didn't see her--maybe next month! You can email me at blairandsteven AT yahoo...let's plan something; I'd love to see Jenna and her girls too!

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