Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another update--Wednesday after Ike

Today is a much more positive day! We got our new carpet installed so we'll be able to move all our furniture back and won't have to all sleep on mattresses in the living room! My parents just got power back a few hours ago so we are visiting over here a little bit. The lines to buy gas are shorter and stores are now selling perishables so things are improving quickly!

Yes, although we are about 90 miles from Galveston, I believe we caught the eye of the storm in my area and probably had winds close to 100 mph. We live in an older neighborhood and have many hardwood trees around us that were lifted at the roots, some falling on homes and cars and lots falling on power lines. So it's taking longer to get power back in my area. Many of our friends had similar damage to flooring, roofs, and ceilings and driving down the road it's really a sight to see as we look at downed billboards, hotel roofs with patching, and huge trees fallen everywhere.

I have many pictures to upload once our internet is working (which could be longer than the power since we are on our city's internet). Mary Clare's bite reaction is better, and my dad is improving, so thank you all for your prayers! I got a call from our dear priest friend last night. He is still without power and got water in their chapel and a few rooms; I'm sure the case is similar for many others in Houston. If you have seen any coverage of Galveston, it's just devastating. My heart and prayers go out to those who've lost their homes.

We are enjoying the beautiful weather here, with lots of time outside! Steven goes back to work full-time tomorrow and I'm hoping we'll have power by then. I've missed the blogging world and hope to get caught up soon! Blessings to all--

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Catherine said...

Hi Blair! Glad to hear you all are okay! We are still at my mom's where she just got her power back. Our home is in the "after Monday" list. God bless!

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