Thursday, November 22, 2007

To show off...

to the family today, my continued nesting efforts! Peter's room coming together and our bedroom.

Happy Thanksgiving Day, Everyone! Enjoy that turkey! This preggo can't wait :)


Megan said...

That looks fantastic!! I LOVE Peter's room! Can't wait to "meet" him :)

veronica said...

Both of the rooms look great Blair! Peter's room looks so cheerful and your's looks so cozy..when I saw your room I thought, "Now, I could give birth in a cozy room like that!" Funny, huh?...that color must strike some pregnancy hormone in me...oh and by the way..Mary Clare is so cute in her little dancing videos..she looks like she's really got it together! Happy Thanksgiving!

Andrea said...

Blair I love Peter's room! I wonder if we'll ever have a blue room at my house. lol You are so creative, I would never have the guts to paint my own headboard!

I hope all is well for your sweet family in Texas!

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