Monday, November 26, 2007

He knows me too well...

This morning Steven came home from work for a bit to watch the girls while I went to my OB appointment (almost 36 weeks. Wow!). He and the girls set up the free craigslist Christmas tree. I got home and was ready to put up some outdoor wreaths (thanks, Lillian!) and lights. And I somehow convinced myself I might as well go back up into the garage attic and fetch the Christmas box with all the ornaments, lights, and decorations so hubby wouldn't have to get it all out when he got home.

As the girls and I were having fun decorating the tree, Steven called. Wanted to be sure his almost-36-week pregnant wife wasn't lugging big boxes down from the attic. Too late, honey. He knows me too well. A tree with no decorations can't stay up more than an hour at my house! Still lots to do, but hopefully I'll have some pictures up later today :)

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