Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bye Bye Blankies!

The dentist went really well today. It was nice that the place was a children's fantasy land, with a ship in the waiting room, toys everywhere, and hygienists that totally know how to relate to preschoolers! Ellie still had a bit of a hard time, but Mary Clare was a trooper. She did get a nice lecture from the dentist (which I told her would probably be coming) about how she needs to stop sucking her thumb. And so I hid the blankies, finally. But she still fell asleep sucking her thumb. Maybe I will need to try the dentist's advice of putting gloves on her...or some kind of reward system. It's affecting her teeth so we do need to work on it...

We had a great time shopping with my mom and aunt for a few hours, but then my body felt it tonight! I know I've been overdoing it with 3 days of painting and a day of shopping in the past week. It's so hard with this nesting instinct plus the fact that Christmas is coming very soon and there's a lot that needs to be done before Peter's arrival! My body is gearing up with lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions and tonight a great case of indigestion. Let's see if I can still get to sleep...and actually get up in time to make my 8:00am OB appointment!

Night night.


Colleen said...

Let me know if you find anything that works to stop thumb sucking. Elizabeth is a major thumb sucker and her teeth are very affected. My parents tried everything under the sun to get my brother to stop sucking his thumb and nothing worked. He finally stopped on his own in Kindergarten.

The only thing that I have ever heard of that works is a dental appliance that can be put in around the age of six. But, by then Elizabeth's teeth might be completely sticking out of her face!

Sherri said...

We need to make a trip to the dentist soon. My kids miss the kid friendly, fun dentist we used to take them too. We switched them over to our family dentist, and they aren't happy about it :(!
Good luck with the thumb sucking. That would be the hardest thing! Taking the paci from Madison was hard, but at least when it was gone, it was gone. Good luck!!

B-Mama said...

When all is said and done, it seems like most kids these days end up with braces during their teen years! While we, mothers, would love to avoid them, try not to stress too much! Maybe try emphasizing the thumb-sucking as a thing of the past; nothing of the big girl sort! You could show her footage of professional ballerinas (since she loves dancing) and talk about how big girl ballerinas don't suck their thumbs. Good luck! :)

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