Thursday, November 01, 2007

Their First Trick or Treat!

Mary Clare-"This is the best Halloween EVER! I've never gone trick-or-treating before! This is much better than sticking it out at home!" She figured out the candy part last year and there was no way we could avoid this holiday anymore!

Mary Clare the angel, in her flower girl dress from when she was 3! As you can tell, it wasn't a very cold Halloween in Texas!

Ellie the ballerina butterfly!

Woohoo! Look at all the candy we got!

I let them choose one candy after breakfast so Ellie walked into my OB appt with a box of Nerds this morning..."the breakfast of champions" I stated! Doctor appointment went well, except that I'm already showing a little dilation so please pray that little Peter stays put until December!!!

AND HAPPY ALL SAINTS' DAY! Today should be pretty low-key for us, just Mass tonight, and preparing for our First Friday class tomorrow. The big All Saints' celebration isn't until Saturday so we have a few more days of fun to look forward to!


Lillian said...

They look beautiful! What cute costumes. Have fun picking up candy wrappers from all over the house! LOL!

Colleen said...

Your girls are precious!

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