Monday, November 05, 2007


It has begun! A friend asked me last week if I was nesting yet, and I was so focused on the events at hand (All Saints', Halloween, First Friday), that getting ready for baby wasn't quite at the top of the priorities!

Well, things have changed as of yesterday. I cleaned the kitchen and used my foot-mopping technique to clean the kitchen floors. I washed probably 6 loads of laundry (none of which have been folded or put away) and cleaned out the laundry room. I scrubbed the floor of our bathroom, which had embarrassingly never been done before :-O! The tile is a very dark color so it shows no dirt, but the dust was horrible! I cleaned the shower. I took care of 2 girls with tummy viruses all night long :-( (They're feeling better but still upset tummies)

And here are some other nesting things I've been doing...

My mom ordered crib bedding for Peter...our little "Fisher of Men"!

I found a dresser for free on our area's online classifieds. It needs a little work.

Here's what the nursery looks like right now. We have a long way to go! And a lot of things to give away! But at least we have the basic furniture and a theme idea to start with.

Yes, that pillow says "Tempurpedic"! We got a coupon in the mail to a furniture store for $200 off when you spend $200 or more. So, we treated ourselves to some new pillows for just the amount over $200!

We've been taping our bedroom for painting...finally! I've had the paint since January! It's going to be a denim blue color.

I was thinking about painting a "headboard" on the wall, but a friend gave me the idea to use tin tiles like this. What do you think?

Okay, better get my sicklings down for naps and continue my cleaning marathon! It's been a pretty good Monday so far...not quite as "manic" as the past weeks...


Em said...

Oh my goodness, Blair!!!!!! We have been headboardless FOREVER and we happen to have tiles panels like that (they're not tin but they are supposed to look like it) down in our basement. I never thought to make them into a headboard. I love it. I am so totally going to do that. It would make our bedroom look so much better. We just now got our mattresses off the floor (yay!)... because I got soooo fed up of sleeping on the floor so I up-ended a bookcase and stuck the bed on top of that. Not exactly my dream bed.... but perhaps if I stuck a headboard up it would look better. Are you going to just stick them on the wall or stick them on plywood and bolt that to the wall. Or is there a way to attach it to the bed part? I think it would look so pretty. Can't wait to see pics of what you do... and boy that will look nice with denim walls!

Lillian said...

WOW! You've been busy! I love the bedding for Peter! Wish I could come over and help! I'm so glad to hear you're painting your master bedroom. I always wanted that room painted but never got around to it.

Just work carefully and don't stress yourself out!

BTW, I LOVE my tempurpedic pillow but I wish I'd gotten the deal you did! ;-)

Blair said...

Glad to have given you an idea, Emily! You can thank my friend Stephanie who saw it on a TV show. She said they just glued them on the wall, and spray painted a brown color then a shimmery purple on top, rubbing it off for a 'vintage' look. I wanted to just keep them white or cream, but now Steven isn't crazy about the idea, he just wants me to paint something, so we'll see!

Our mattress and boxspring are still on the floor, but it's actually pretty high b/c it's a pillowtop. I'm always on the lookout for a cheap frame, but seem to miss out each time. One of these days!

I'll keep you updated on the bedroom, Lillian. Hopefully in the next few days the paint will start going up! I'm in decorator-mode!

B-Mama said...

Way to go, Blair! Love the idea of the tiles for a headboard... would you mount them onto something and hang it or put them directly onto the wall? You could get a cheap piece of wood for mounting and then would have greater flexibility for moving it later... Just a thought! Happy nesting, B

B-Mama said...

Sorry, my comment was dated by the time I posted--sounds great, Blair, to hang them straight on the wall!

Melissa said...

Wow Blair! Talk about nesting, you did all of that in 24 hours?? I love the bedding and the tile idea. Best of luck getting ready for little Peter!

p.s. we have exciting news (check out my LJ)

Celeste Creates said...

Love it all!

You are certainly nesting. But keeping busy is good.

We have no headboard either. You can do the tiles. We have a bunch of pillows. My mother-in-law's odea is hanging drapes pulled back and a sheer behind as a headboard. If you are interested I can take a photo.

Shelly said...

love the *fish* for your li'l fisherman! and the dresser will be perfect! you can even make the top a changing table [less furniture :O)]

Jill said...

The fisherman idea is such a cute one! I'm so excited that you are having a little boy. The are such fun.
Nesting is so interesting. I got such a nesting instinct, but then my body was so huge that I could hardly do what my mind was 'nesting' to do!
Hope those sweet girls get well.

Colleen said...

What beautiful bedding for Peter! All three of my kids used the same gender neutral bedding. It sure would be fun to get some little boy bedding like that for Augustine!

And, isn't painting fun!? The entire room transforms in just a few hours.

I love the idea of the tiles. What a simple idea. Hmmm... maybe that would work for a little girl's bed, too. Wouldn't that be fun! Maybe she and I could even paint it together. Thanks for the idea! Do you find them at like Home Depot or something?

Blair said...

I think they glued them right onto the wall, but putting on plywood would be another option. Colleen, I yes I think you can just get them at Home Depot although I haven't looked. I think I'll be trying a handpainted look first...we'll see how it turns out!

Stephanie said...

Love the nursery theme to go along with Peter's name, how perfect!

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