Monday, March 26, 2007

Two Dates

Last night Steven and I were finally able to go out and celebrate his graduation at a nice and fancy restaurant, Trulucks. We started the evening with a few minutes of prayer at the church where my parents were married. Then we ventured over to the restaurant for a wonderful steak dinner + stone crabs for Steven! It sure makes you feel special when the waiter comes and takes the napkin off your lap to replace it with a new one in the middle of the meal :) But I guess that's what we were paying for! Afterwards we had a nice time just going to a bookstore and having some quiet time to browse through books and magazines without chasing after children! The girls had a fun time at their Aunt Jill's and got to visit with several of their cousins. Mary Clare even got to go have a peek at her triplet cousins through the window of their house...she was SO excited!

Tonight I had a date with Jesus. A beautiful Catholic musician and singer, Michael John Poirier, led a Holy Hour and concert at our parish. It was a wonderful time of prayer and healing for me. A time to really thank God the Father for the gift of little Augustine, and to offer this child back to him. The guitar and singing was just wonderful and relaxing. And it was great to see a few friends afterwards! Thanks to my sweet husband for watching the girls :-)

Two date nights with my two favorite men makes for one happy mommy!


Anonymous said...

Wow Blair I just recently pulled out of months of hellish neurapothy and Depression. The lord has me on fire for his will!! I read about your precious son and what a beautiful way to let him go to GOD!!!
What strength that had to take.
I will update the girl soon. All my love jennifer Stoecker& Zoe
our new # 832-364-4633
God is working great things through you and realy refining well your faith in his will! I end this with a smile.Wow my friend, wow!

Melissa said...

How awesome, Blair! I love your last sentence:

"Two date nights with my two favorite men makes for one happy mommy!"


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