Monday, March 12, 2007

Marian Pilgrimmage

Today (well, yesterday since I'm up too late) we attended a family picnic and Marian Pilgrimmage at a nearby Catholic retreat center. The place is just beautiful and I hope we can go back more often. I'm trying to convince Steven we should try another "camping" trip there. Our first attempt at family camping failed miserably. Anyway, here was our afternoon:

It started with a picnic and then a Rosary. Someone was standing on each "bead" (stepping stone) and they would lead that particular prayer. It was just beautiful praying with all these wonderful families! We had Mass in the chapel right after this. Father spoke on Mary's sufferings and how close she is to us when we suffer, just as she was to her Son.

Our attempt at a family picture. Mary Clare isn't too cooperative.

My sweet matching girls!

This playground was so neat! I wanted to climb through it!

Another gift was meeting Canadian Catholic singer Janelle again. She's a beautiful soul with a true gift for music, but also a homeschooling mom of a little boy and one on the way!

Tomorrow I'll have to update with some pictures of our yard work. Steven planted a live oak in the front yard and I planted some pansies and marigolds. I've never done this before (besides my Mexican petunia experience), so I'm not sure they'll last long, but I think they'll look pretty tomorrow! We finished in the dark, so I'll be happy to see my yard in the morning!

Finally, if you could say a little prayer for Mary Clare...she's been having nighttime coughing fits again. I think it's allergies with the horrible pollen right now. We have yellow/green all over our cars and shoes and I'm sure it's all in her lungs. Poor baby, she always gets such horrid coughs. I'm hoping it's not asthma. St. Blaise, patron of throats pray for us!


Celeste Creates said...

We LOVE Circle Lake!!!!!! Actually that was where the college retreat was where began to "fall in love" :))). So for us that place has extra special memories - peacocks and all!

That might be a wonderful place for us all to meet someday soon.

Prayers for your precious girl!

Lillian said...

I love that place too!! St. A's has a wonderful family retreat there every October!!

Looks like you had a lovely time!

Melissa said...

Looks like a beautiful day! And I love your family picture, even without full cooperation by all members! :)

Hope your sweet girl is feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

We've only been there once, but wow! We had such a great time! I love how peaceful and truly beautiful it is! What fun. :-)

Also, I *know* what you mean about the pollen right now! Just last week I looked up at our trees (which surround us from all directions!) and told Charlie that I bet the pollen would start falling this week...I was's awful! The rain makes it worse. Prayers for sweet Mary Clare, that does not sound fun!

Anonymous said...

Love Circle Lake! We did a Teams retreat there last spring. The landscaping and trees are just beautiful and so peaceful.

Secondly, would you believe that (at least in MY yard) the worst pollen offender is the pine? It's dropping these little flower-thingies, that when crushed make a bright yellowish-green powder. YUCK!!! It's all over my front porch.

Looks like you have some great space for flowers! My lawn is mostly too shaded to plant sun-loving plants!

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