Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thankful Thursdays

Tonight I'm really thankful that my sweet husband now has a job where he is home in the evenings and on weekends. Really thankful. Tonight he got tied up unexpectedly at the ranch for a few hours and won't be getting home until after 8:00. I am exhausted. Our only big activity today was our first homeschool "Nature Club" at the park for a few hours. But this entailed making lunches (which the girls didn't want to eat because they were too excited seeing all the kids), finding some materials for the lesson, finding clean clothes and shoes for the girls, coercing them into wearing the clothes and shoes I'd picked out, spending 3 hours chasing Ellie around the park, both girls getting covered in paint, and then both girls getting covered in sand from the volleyball court. Mary Clare didn't take a nap so I've had no break. I woke Ellie up from her nap early so she wouldn't be up all night. That was a bad idea, she fussed for about 2 hours and is still whiney. And just now, at 7:30 MC decided she wanted to "do homeschool"! Thankfully that only lasted a few minutes. But now Ellie is throwing a fit because she wants nail polish on!

I love my girls. I love staying home with them. I don't usually mind a full day and night without Steven home...I've done years of that so it's not so hard. But an *unexpected* evening without him home is the hardest. Although I'm exhausted, all I want to do is go out and shop by myself! Silly Lillian informed me that the Marshall's MegaStore nearby is open until 9:30. I'm watching the clock ;)

Some happy pictures:
Sweet girls with sweet puppies!

The nature lesson today, praying "Father, We Thank Thee"

I keep thinking of meaningful ideas for entries, but once I get here they're gone. Maybe next week :) Have a great weekend, everyone!


Lillian said...

And if you need something even later there's B&Nobles!! You live too close to everything!! ;-)

The nature club sounds like fun! Glad to see you and the girls are enjoying the BOL group!

Em said...

Oh Blair.... I can relate!
Hope you got to go out and have some time to yourself!

Blair said...

Well, Marshall's and then Target were a perfect little outing for me last night! I know you ladies can relate, with a traveling hubby and doctor hubby. I really can't complain anymore with his new schedule.

Anonymous said...

Yes...unexpected time alone with the after a long day children is so hard!!! lol It seems that if you expect it, you gear up and are ready! My sweet DH had to get a second job just recently, and it's easier to cope with late nights when I know they're coming than when I don't expect them (ie when he was in youth ministry!).

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