Thursday, March 22, 2007

Adding Augustine Patrick

(editing this poem from the Loveliness of Babies Fair last fall to add our newest blessing, little saint Augustine Patrick)

Our Four Blessings
By Blair

On a sunny day in springtime
Here I ran to tell your daddy
Now a new life I was holding
God in all his goodness blessing
Then for many months we waited.

On a New Year’s Day in winter
Started many grueling hours
As you slowly came to meet us
We would name you Mary Clare.

Mary, like the Blessed Virgin
You will lead us to the Savior
Your sweet face will bring us laughter
Rosy cheeks so round and lovely
Little smile to melt all sadness
Like St. Clare you shine so brightly
Now our baby holds our heart.

On another day in winter
Now our toddler, she is growing
And we find there is another
But before we knew He made her
She was gone before we knew.

Now to dwell with saints and angels
Little Agnes God has chosen
Little lamb who lives with Jesus
The Good Shepherd holds you closely
You pray hard for us we know.


On a crispy day in Autumn
These new kicks I feel inside me
Doctor says you’re growing nicely
A third daughter now she tells us
And we grin to think of sisters
For a lifetime you’ll be friends.

On a lovely day in springtime
Here we meet our newest daughter
Sweet Elizabeth Ann Marie
Now her sister looks on proudly
And another smiles from heaven
God is good; our hearts are full.

Golden hair so soft and yellow
Light blue eyes as clear as blue skies
And your lips, a kiss from angels
Sister love and children playing
Adds a new joy to our family
A new wonder every day.

On St. Patrick's Day in springtime
We would tell our friends and family
A new baby we'd be holding
At Thanksgiving we'd be blessed
With a new sibling for our daughters
One was giddy with excitement
Prayers were answered we were sure.

An answer not what we expected
This new baby would be joining
His sweet sister now in Heaven
And our own hearts would be pierced.

Augustine Patrick we would name you
For those Bishops strong and faithful
Who led others to the One God
As I'm sure you'll lead us too.


As God-willing we keep growing
Each new life His goodness showing
How our God comes down to meet us
In His Son and in our children
New life always helps us see
Just how the loveliness of babies
Is a sign from Him to me.

(professional photos by Jen at Jen Culotta Photography)


Anonymous said...

This is very touching, Blair. God bless your family. (((hugs)))

Em said...

We're still praying for ya! Love your poem!

Celeste Creates said...

What a lovely poem. Thanks for sharing your heart. God bless you!

Lillian said...

What a beautiful, moving poem. I loved the addition. May Mother Mary continue to keep your family close to her heart during this time.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful a tribute to all your blessings. Still praying for you.

Kristen Laurence said...

Blair, this is so beautiful.

K said...

Very Beautiful, Blair. I have been thinking of you and praying for you all week. I don't know if you've ever heard of the Shrine of the Holy Innocents and their Book of Life, but I put the names of my children that went straight to Heaven in there.

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