Friday, March 23, 2007

So, So Blessed

to be surrounded by such wonderful Christian friends and family. I can't even begin to thank all of you who have commented here, sent emails, made phone calls, and covered our little family in prayer. It is truly humbling. But it's also beautiful to see how just one little life who lived inside me only a few days is so precious and recognized by so many people. One little life that we will never meet here. One little life so small, but SO LOVED.

I mentioned below that the name we've chosen is Augustine Patrick. I had a strong feeling that this baby was a boy. Just a few days before finding out I was expecting, I sat behind a beautiful family with 2 little toddler boys. They were rambunctious, keeping the mother and father busy all through the mass while climbing under chairs and trying to sneak out of the chapel. I couldn't help but think how much I would love a little boy. And how crazy I must be, as I watched my little girls sit quietly through the mass (for the most part)!

Augustine of Hippo was the son of St. Monica and a pagan father (who converted on his death bed). He lived a wild life, but was an intellectual who finally came to conversion through the prayers of his mother and the sermons of St. Ambrose. He became a monk, priest, preacher, and bishop, and was declared one of only 33 "Doctors of the Church" because of his faith and his brilliant writings defending Catholic doctrine. I have found some of the most beautiful prayers composed by St. Augustine, which I'll share later, but here is one of his most famous lines which sums up the Christian faith...

"Our hearts were made for You, O Lord, and they are restless until they rest in you."

St. Patrick's Day this year was a most joyous occasion as we shared the news of our pregnancy with our family and friends. Mary Clare was giddy with excitement and spent the rest of the day helping me with chores and commenting about the baby, "you can't lean over, you have a baby in your tummy!...I have to pick up because you have to rest...You can't have juice because you have to eat healthy!" We spent the afternoon with my parents and my visiting aunt, walking through an outdoor mall and eating a delicious dinner. It was a most memorable day! I also was awestruck by the beautiful St. Patrick's Breastplate prayer which I posted that day on the blog. The story is that Steven's middle name was almost Patrick, until his dad found out it was St. Joseph's feast day. And we have a very Irish last name, so Patrick fits well.

As it was during the time of my miscarriage of Agnes, I feel so loved by God right now and surrounded by his grace. Here are some of the things which made me smile this week:

Gorgeous roses from a sweet friend too far away:

I never buy this kind of cereal (Can you even call it cereal? Hope I'm not scandalizing you, Emily!), but since it was on sale, I went ahead and the girls have been so excited about this special breakfast (and lunch and dinner) treat!

Worms! Yesterday we made "worm farms" at the homeschool group's Nature Club.

And we keep finding cute little inchworms in the yard. It makes me thankful for all of God's littlest creations!

And PUPPIES! So sweet!

All thanks be to the Creator of Creation!

And I must edit to direct you all to the most beautiful reflection of family life in Alice's last two entries on Promises.


Celeste Creates said...

Your post is such a reminder of how even during sadness, there is so much to make us smile and rejoice! God bless you Blair. We hope to meet all of you soon.

Em said...

Blair, what a beautiful post...
And no, I am not scandaled... when I have a bad moment I run down to the gas station down the street and buy... um...
(sour bright crawlers ... you know, those gummy worms covered in citric acid?!)

I feel better now.
Now ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh.... don't tell, okay?

Melissa said...

You have such beautifully inspiring outlook on life, Blair. Praise be to God for the many blessings in your life...and for your ability to see them even through your tears.

Kristen Laurence said...

What a beautiful way to manifest joy in suffering. You are blessed, dear friend.

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