Monday, March 05, 2007


I've been a bit MIA the past week. Haven't had much to say. Life as usual!
But of course I've got pictures! Here is Ellie at the mall playland:

Mary Clare at her first homeschool "class":

I felt like a teacher again! I am teaching the preschoolers at the First Friday homeschool activities. Here is the class (notice Ellie at the right sitting there like one of the big kids!):

We had a little lesson on St. Patrick and painted shamrocks to make into magnets. The laminator ate 4 of the shamrocks, but the kids weren't too upset. I played my guitar and read a storybook. I was in my element and Mary Clare had a blast! Here are the shamrocks before laminating:

Another trip out to the ranch. This is what Ellie does each time, hide from the cows!

And a Sunday afternoon playing in the backyard with cousins. They could've played with those rocks for days!

I titled this "Loved" because I've been feeling so loved these days! Last night I was ready to sit at the computer and get some work done. I'll be helping a lot with an upcoming Holy Week door-to-door mission. Steven was reading books to them and trying to get them to sleep. But they wouldn't have it without Mommy there!

I sat down between them all and Mary Clare stated her usual comment before she falls asleep, "Mommy, let's pretend we're your new babies" as she cuddled up next to me with her blankey. Then Ellie laid and stroked my face and patted my back. My heart started melting and just then as I thought my husband was fast asleep, he started scratching my back. Slowly they all drifted to sleep as I realized that that was the most important work I could've done last night!

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Em said...

How sweet! I love tender moments like that. Sometimes they come few and far between but they sure do make all the hard stuff in the middle worthwhile, don't they?!

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