Friday, November 10, 2006

This week...

A friend I've known since elementary school was visiting from out of state with her new baby boy. She and her sister made cookies with the girls. They had so much fun!

Ellie enjoys the crushed ice better than the cookie-making! Mary Clare works on mixing in the background:

Mary Clare happy with cookie dough:

The girls love the little baby boy. Ellie points, cocks her head, and says "baby!"

We go to the park a lot! Here's Mary Clare looking so big; I can't believe she's nearly 4!

I love the smile on Ellie's face here:

I think this will be a nice relaxing weekend at home before the storm begins...More interviews and several trips to H-town next week. Then it's already Thanksgiving week! Please keep Steven in prayer in this (hopefully) final round of interviews. God-willing we'll find a job and house in the next few weeks.

I started doing some Christmas shopping tonight! Maybe I'll finish before December so we can really focus on Advent and not do our usual night-before-Christmas shopping spree. I still remember the Christmas Eve when Mary Clare was due the next day and we spent the afternoon racing around the Galleria. We even missed Mass with Steven's family and had to go on Christmas morning. You would think that would've thrown me into labor, but no. Mary Clare was content to wait until the new year!

I started clearing out the toys under the couch a little bit ago. Scary. I had started storing some toys, like puzzles and flashcards under there, but tonight I found everything BUT puzzles and flashcards! Books, kichen toys, trash, crayons, fridge magnets (the NEW ones), animals, dress-up shoes. Yeeps! Must go finish cleaning and go to bed.

I realized tonight why it's so hard for me to go to bed at night. It's my only time of peace and quiet! Just me, the computer, and the wind howling outside...ahhh.

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Anonymous said...

Such beautiful girls Blair!

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