Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Joyful Sister of Life!

My dear friend Sister Mary Clare (one of Mary Clare's namesakes!) visited this week. We got to see her give a beautiful testimony to a college group and then spent some time the next morning visiting at the student center with her and a group of friends and their kiddos! It was a memorable experience of LIFE with children everywhere and our joyful Sister of Life basking in it all. Then we walked to an on-campus daily mass and ate at the dining hall! That was humorous, eating with toddlers in a college cafeteria! Such a fun day!

My first college friend!
We were in "fish camp" together and I remember her with her bible,
spending quiet time in prayer each day on her top bunk in the cabin.
We became great friends and lived together in a Catholic community.
I hope our friendship will continue over the years and the states.
Please pray for her ministry to women in crisis pregnancies.

Friends and kids visiting with Sister:

And the girls' favorite part of the day...
eating at the on-campus dining hall and getting rainbow popsicles!
See Sister in the background...
I wonder what the students were thinking...
Four beautiful young nuns eating in a public university cafeteria!


Lillian said...

She looks wonderful!! Wish we could have been there.

Anonymous said...

Blair, this is so random, but I had a friend visiting last week and we spent some time on campus Tuesday mid-day. We drove by All Faith's and saw a group of sisters, parents and kids all going into the chapel. It must have been your group! So funny. I thought I'd comment because I'd probably forget if I was to try to tell you in person.

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