Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Another Reminder:

Do not bring children shopping. Especially to stores like TJ Maxx that have carts that 3 year-olds like to push around with their baby doll in it, running into other people and filling the cart with things we aren't buying. Do not go to the wall of toys for children to admire. And don't attempt to go in the dressing room with a toddler and preschooler, because they WILL run wild, laughing and slamming doors, and finding someone else's lipgloss to eat. When your daughter wants to carry a toy through the store in "her" shopping cart, DON'T let her. Because when you get to the check-out and ask her to give the toy back to the checker, she WILL throw a screaming fit and run around the store hiding from you.

Thankfully I'm not too self-conscious or I would've been REALLY embarrassed, dragging my crying children out of the store. Learned my lesson. Children will only go grocery shopping and not to stores with toys. If there are toys in the store, we will NOT go to that area. We WILL discuss ahead of time what we will be purchasing and that will NOT include a $15 toy dog cage. We will also NOT go shopping when it's lunchtime and children are whiney. How can shopping still be a stress relief for me? I have no idea, because most people would steer far clear of situations like that after a day like today. I'll probably try again on Friday :-/

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