Friday, November 17, 2006

Thankful Thursday (a day late)

Our Thursday was truly a day to be thankful for friendships, for the creatures God has given us, and for the gift of holy priests! Here are some pictures of our trip to the zoo with some wonderful friends.

The girls and the giraffes in the background:

Elephants! The new baby had just been named "Mac" the day before! He was the largest elephant born in captivity, hence the name. Everyone was SO excited to see the elephants:

There is a nice Children's Zoo area with a petting zoo. My girls are pretty scared of animals in general, so it was shocking when Mary Clare asked "Mommy, can you help me go in the petting zoo?" They each gave this little goat "Flora" a quick pet, and that was it! But I was proud of them:

The rhino was SO big and SO close!

Flamingos are fun!

The orangutans were really fascinating to watch!

We're missing 3 of Lillian's kids here, but here's most of the group of kids from yesterday. Such a fun outing!

We got home from the zoo just in time to tidy the house and prepare fajitas for Father Brian. We'd scheduled him for dinner about 2 months ago and the day finally arrived! He is an AMAZING young priest and one of the best preachers we've ever heard! He had some beautiful stories to share and it was great to learn more about him.

The girls warmed up to him very quickly and by the end they were reading stories (here they're reading "Angel in the Waters") and climbing all over him! We're so thankful for the gift of holy priests.

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Lillian said...

Thanks for the fun time!!! They had a nice nap on the way home!! And Sophia woke up happy!!

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