Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dear Stevie,

Just about a week ago, you hit the half-year mark! How did my baby boy turn into a big boy already? Wasn't it yesterday I was laboring that night before the c-section? Or nursing my newborn on the couch on Christmas morning? Or welcoming our newest little Christian in Baptism? How these months have flown by!

Your babyhood has been so different from the girls' in so many ways. First of all, it was such a blessing to bring you home to our house and feel like we were welcoming you into a settled family life. You don't get quite as antsy at home like the girls did in our apartments, and you enjoy just hanging around watching everyone, no matter where we are! Last weekend you sat for maybe half an hour in your high chair at the kitchen table just watching your sisters and their friends play and color. I also love being able to let you roll around the living room since we try to keep small toys out, and the carpet is nice and clean thanks to Daddy the vacuumer! I'm sure you'll be crawling soon, but for now I'm happy to contain you in the exersaucer or Johnny Jump Up which you love!

You are such a boy! You spit up more than the girls did, although that's finally slowing down. You make those cute high-pitched screaming noises when you get excited and you love just babbling at us in your sweet baby voice. You like chewing on balls and cars and animals. You are about 18 pounds and are difficult for us all to lift! You've got more "rolls" than the girls did and less hair. It's finally making some spikes at the top, and I'm convinced that those teeth are going to come in any day now! You are so miserable biting your hands and other things all day long...poor baby! You don't care much for the carseat or the stroller (though you still love the Moby wrap), and you are a very light sleeper, which is a bit hard with the loudmouths around here!

You are crazy about food! We're not so crazy about the kinds of diapers that food produces, but it's hard for us to deny you those sweet joys of these first licks and tastes of foods off our plates, you get so giddy! But of course you are getting all your nourishment from Mama right now, although it's getting harder to nurse you because you are so distracted! The only place I can count on you nursing peacefully to sleep is in bed. But I treasure those quiet moments in my peaceful room with you...stroking your soft face and chubby arms and knowing it will be over all too fast.

I am having so much fun being Mommy to my little boy and dressing you in blue. Baseball hats, stripes and overalls are fun, as are those cute swim trunks! I look forward to watching you and your sisters grow up together and I enjoy spending each and every day with each of you. I am so blessed to be your Mommy, Stevie Joe (I know Daddy hates that nickname), and I can't wait to spend each sunny morning next to my happy cooing baby boy. I love you, Steven Joseph! Happy 6 months!


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Neen said...

What a cutie pie. My little Cowboy is just a few months ahead and I forget so fast where we just were. They grow way too fast. It is true for us as well that they don't seam like babies after 6 months. I currently have a 10 month old pre-toddler, not a baby.

B-Mama said...

He is such a good mover at 6 mos! I'm so impressed! Makes me so excited to welcome our next little one... And LOVED seeing your sweet pup in the background! I didn't know you had a yellow! He/she reminded me so much of our Custer, who is 100lbs. and full of love! Blessings!

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