Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fabulous Family

This week has been all about the family! Here's our little family after the baptism. I am still sometimes in shock that we have 3 kids. We're like a real family. And my baby brother...he has a baby! Then there's my own little baby, who I distinctly remember delivering about a week ago...but no, he's almost 6 months old and is rolling all over the place! The other day I couldn't find him and was blaming MC for taking him somewhere. He'd actually rolled under the coffee table and was hanging out trying to grab it!

Didn't do much around the house this week. Laundry is still stacked on the couch. At least it's washed. Instead of cleaning, I ventured with all 3 kids to the pool today (Eeks, yesterday. I'm doing the late night thing again!). I met some neighbors and somehow kept all the kids from getting hurt or sunburned. I even let the girls ride their bikes there and back! Mary Clare is swimming really well, taking breaths and all. I was looking into some lessons for the girls at a nice swim school...$500!!! Can you believe that?

We spent tonight at the Symphony (the zoo one night and symphony the next...what a cultured family!). I bought diapers afterwards and a Gatorade on clearance (and a few other things. Steven knows I can't go into the grocery store without buying a few bag's worth of stuff!). I was so proud to spend 50 cents on that Gatorade, instead of the ~$4 they cost at the symphony! Tomorrow we'll hopefully have a last visit with my brother and family before they head back to California, and then maybe have a quick visit with 2 of Steven's aunts here from out-of-town. No big plans for Daddy's Day...I think he's going to want to take a break after this busy week!

Well, back to looking at cameras online (any recommendations?) and I better go join my family in bed...after I move one or two kids so I have a place to sleep! Good night and have a great weekend, everyone!


Celeste said...

We have really LOVED all three of our SONY cameras.

Jill said...

Three kids seemed like a 'real family' to me too. Funny you mention that. I kept saying, "Wow. We have three kids." (It could be because we previously had one before that, I guess!) Great picture!!

one lucky woman said...

I would not recommend our camera- which I currently do not know where it is or else I would tell you. The recovery time between your ability to actually snap photos is waaaay too long and anxious children usually don't want to wait around! I would *highly* recommend you venture somewhere and actually try different cameras- take pictures. That recovery time thing kills me!

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