Tuesday, January 08, 2013

10 Year-Old Minute to Win It Birthday Party

Mary Clare wanted to celebrate her 10th birthday with a "Game Show" party.  Using inspiration from a friend whose party she attended a few years ago, along with a few blogs I found on the internet (mainly this one, this one, and this one), We decided on the idea of a "Minute to Win It" Birthday Party!

We did all the party shopping the night before after Steven got home from work!  We'd planned to go the easy route and just buy a cake, but couldn't find what we were looking for, so we ended up choosing something requiring a bit more work ;)  I got the cake inspiration from this blog.
The girls actually baked the 2-layer cake themselves, and I bought pre-made white fondant at Walmart, along with the 2 gel colors to make a "girly" Minute to Win It logo!  I cut it all out with a little knife!

I wasn't planning to cover the cake with fondant, but it was lopsided and rather round on top, so I went ahead and covered the whole thing and also made the little balls for the bottom.  And I only used about half of the $6.50 fondant, so I think that was a good deal! 
We'd planned to put tic-tacs around the logo for the minute tickers, but we forgot them at the store.  I loved the tall striped candles!

Here's the spread.  I wish I would've gotten a pink tablecloth for a runner, and made a banner.  Things to remember for next time!
We served pizza and fruit salad, with Strawberry Lemonade (in my new cute party cooler, also from Walmart!)

The girls arrived (half had just had a basketball game), and went straight for the food!

We split the girls into 2 teams by drawing a paper out of a hat with a color.  They made a name for their teams.  We had the "Win It Minutes" and the "Super Silvers."  We found the Minute To Win It Countdown on YouTube and played it on a laptop for each game.

Here is the list of games.  I got the ideas from those blogs linked above, who found them on the official Minute to Win It website.  We didn't get to the last two games, because they were ready to play outside and then have cake and ice cream.  #8 would've been a stack of cards with Kings at the bottom and they have to blow them off the table without blowing off the kings.  #9 would've been a relay where they empty a tissue box, 2 tissues at a time.

Here are the games they did play...

We started with Breakfast Scramble, where they had to put together a cut up cereal box cover.  Each time had 2 girls work on it at once, and then we played 2 more times so the others could have a turn.

Next was "Stack Attack," where they had to stack 15 plastic cups, count to 3, and then take down the stack in a minute.  We played this several times so all could play who wanted to.  Winning teams would get a tally mark each time, but we didn't end up having specific prizes for the winners (forgot to buy the prizes!).

They played "Tilt a Cup", where they had a stack of 6 cups and a bowl of 6 ping pong balls.  They had to bounce a ball into a cup and then put another cup on top until they did all 6.

"This Blows" was a game where they blew up a balloon over and over again, using the air to blow 5 cups off the table.

"Face the Cookie" involved all the girls.  They tried to get an Oreo cookie from their forehead to their mouths without their hands!

In "Suck it Up" they used a straw to lift up an M&M and put it into a cup.  The team with the most candies at the end won.  Again, we played this several times.

The last game we played was "Bucket Head" where the team threw mini marshmallows into a bowl on top of one team member's head.  Little brother was hoping to catch a few stray marshmallows here!

Then it was time for some fun play outside!

And finally, cake and ice cream time!

Enjoying their sweets!

Crafty presents for our crafty gal!

(I love how little sis was taking her own photos of the day!)

She had a great time celebrating with her friends!
Happy Birthday, Mary Clare!


Jill said...

Awesome, Blair! Looks like a great time for the birthday girl.

Jolene said...

Great ideas for my son's birthday next weekend! Thanks!

Josh said...

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Paula said...

Hi! My daughter's friend's birthday party was scheduled at a water park, but today showed up wet and chilly. His mom decided to have the party at their home, but didn't know what to do for fun. I told her I'd come with games. I did a quick search for birthday games for 10 yr olds, and your blog was one of the things that came up.
Your games were a hit! The kids had a blast doing all of them. We were able to adjust for the different level of abilities, so no one felt left out. And who doesn't love marshmallows?
Thank you SO MUCH for the post. You helped save a boy's day.
The kids had so much fun that I'm sure that my daughter will want these games for her Fall birthday.

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