Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Friends Visit, final post

 Sunday started off with Mass at our parish.  My friend's little boy fell ill during mass and threw up all over the pew in front of us (thankfully the elderly lady was kneeling!).  So we went home to rest for awhile and the healthy people went out for an evening walk along the beach at North Padre Island.

On Monday morning, Memorial Day, Steven decided to harvest some honey!  Look how much we got!!!  It's a lighter and milder honey than our harvest in Houston, so I like the taste much better :)

and a couple sweet pictures with Baby A before our friends left

We hope to have many more guests over the summer!  Thanks for sharing this special weekend with us, N Family!  So sorry we gave you the tummy bug :(



Jill said...

Once again, loving your beach photos!
Glad you had a nice time with your friends (minus the tummy bug!)

Neen said...

The honey is so exciting!!!

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