Thursday, January 27, 2011

Colorful T-Shirt Scrap Wreath Tutorial

It was time to put away the Christmas wreath, and I was ready for something colorful to get through the rest of this dreary winter weather. This wreath is made with scrap knit fabric and would be fun to do in pink/white/red for Valentine's Day, or other seasonal colors. It would look great on the wall or door of a child's room or playroom, or even as a hospital door wreath for the arrival of a new baby!

Here's what I did:

The only wreath form I had was a twig wreath, so I wrapped it in packing paper and secured with clear packing tape. This makes it easier to glue the fabric on. I've heard that it's even helpful to do this with a styrofoam wreath form when you're using hot glue.

These were some t-shirts, knit leggings, and a knit dress that were stained or had holes.

At first I wanted to make rosebud flowers. I cut strips of fabric and wrapped into a rose. But after gluing a couple, I realized this was going to take way too long and I wasn't going to have enough fabric. Instead, I'd just scrunch up the fabric circles for a flowery look without the need for so much fabric.

I cut out circles, about 2-4 inch diameter.

Stacked the circles. You can tell that they're varying sizes. I was just trying to use up all the fabric so I wasn't concerned about them being equal sizes.

Then later that night we started gluing! The girls helped me squeeze up the circles to look "flowery." They had so much fun helping in their PJs!

Mary Clare demonstrates her technique...Grab in the middle,

and squish together.

At first I wasn't sure if we would run out and I'd need to add another color (possibly white), but in the end we had just enough to cover the front and sides of the wreath!


I nailed a ribbon to the top of the door to hang the wreath.

A colorful-looking front door!

Total time was about 2 hours with interruptions and some gluing helpers!
Let me know if anyone tries it!


Fonda @Southern Scraps said...

Super cute!

Unknown said...

Good morning very nice to be meeting you sort of but I love this Reef idea and I am definitely going to make it how it'll turn out is to be seen but I'm going to give it my best try thanks for giving me the idea I make wreaths from silk flowers and I add a lot of little add ons like Halloween I add full leaves Scarecrow in the middle from the Dollar Tree on a wicker Dollar Reef or second hand store wreath they come out beautiful give that a try it's easy and it's great fun for the kids thanks again for the ideas

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