Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Washington DC Trip-Days 1&2

Day 1 was travel day!
We were at the airport dark and early.
SO MUCH LUGGAGE for 8 people!

First flight, to Chicago

Peter enjoys the LONG layover in Chicago with some pizza!

Steven got upgraded to First Class on the 2nd flight and gave me his spot.

We flew into Baltimore, where we met Steven's cousin, his wife, 
and his son at a wonderful Italian restaurant

We got two rooms with hotel points at the downtown LaQuinta

And then we were off to mass at the Ordinariate parish in Baltimore, Mt Calvary

Truly felt this hymn in my heart that day, so thankful 
for my Faith, my family, and my friends that day!

We met up with some friends at mass. I've known Annie online since MC was a baby, and it was such a blessing to get to meet her and her beautiful family in person! They hosted us for a delicious lunch at their home.

And even took a nice family pic of us!

Then we were off to our rental in DC! 
Loved this 1890s row house for the first half of our week!

Photography by Katie Grace ;)

We went and checked out the Jefferson Memorial the first night
(well, I stayed in the car with the little ones, too cold!)

and also drove by the Washington Monument. 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Washington DC (Canon Pics)

We took a family trip to Washington DC in January 2018. We have always wanted to attend the National March for Life, to see the museums and other national sights, and to visit family and friends in the DC area. It was a wonderful vacation!

We also got to meet up with a large group of families from our homeschooling program who stayed at the same hotel together. It was just a great experience with lots of special encounters with people, faith, and history!

I'm going to start with a variety of photos from our big camera. It went in for repairs right before the trip and somehow the photos loaded in a totally random order! I'll tell the story better with the phone pictures. Many of these photos were taken by Mary Clare.

One of the most special moments, visiting Arlington National Cemetery with Steven's Aunt Winkie to see his Uncle John who is buried there.

Capitol from the Trump Hotel Clock Tower

Washington Monument

Ellie admiring the Capitol from the middle of the street

The Basilica Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

I think this was in the Capitol?

Lincoln Memorial

Cute teenager on a snowy day

Arlington National Cemetery was just breathtaking

Museum of Natural History

Aggie toddler on the snowy day

John Paul II Shrine and Museum

Natural History Museum

Air and Space Museum Annex

In the National Gallery of Art


JP2 Museum, vestments he wore at World Youth Day

Uncle John's grave

Tommy on a snowy day

National Gallery of Art

Natural History Museum

National Gallery

Katie on the snowy day in the backyard of our rental

Approaching the gravesite

Eskimo Ellie

A little tired in the National Gallery

Hoodie buddies

Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land

Robert E Lee house on the hill in the cemetery

Katie's favorite souvenir: a jewelry box from the shrine

So much fun in the snow!

the Shrine

National Gallery

Jefferson Memorial? 
(Mom and babies didn't make it to the Jefferson or Lincoln Memorials, 
stayed in the car in the frigid weather)

Air and Space Annex

Relic in the JP2 shrine

Changing of the Guard

fruit tree in the National Gallery
(taken by SJ for photography contest)
Hanging out in the rental

Washington Monument at sunset

Lincoln Memorial

Lookout at the Air and Space Annex

Arlington with the Washington Monument in the distance

Washington Monument

And MC's photo of the Capitol
(honorable mention photograph at the fair!)

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