Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mother's Day at the Beach

It wasn't a very sunny day, and it was quite an ordeal getting everyone down there. We almost canceled the trip because of the upcoming rain, the continued baseball playoffs, and all the little details of getting this family of seven on a trip for a few days. But I'm glad it worked out and that my parents were able to follow us down and spend a few hours there. Definitely a beautiful way to spend Mother's Day!

More beach photos to come...

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Baseball Boys

The baseball season is over for Thomas, but Steven Joseph has won two games in the playoffs and the next game has been rescheduled three times already due to rain. Getting this much rain in south Texas is a rarity, and it has been hard to try to start swim team and have a family beach trip in the midst of the continued and unknown baseball season length. We're learning lots of flexibility! I wish I would've taken more videos; Steven Joseph made some great plays and hits recently, including a home run at last Saturday's game. But here are some of the good snapshots of both of our baseball boys! Hopefully I'll get a few more photos and video at Steven's final game/s!

I wasn't there, but Mary Clare took some photos of him on picture day!

Here's his team!

A quick beach visit

On Sunday May 3rd, we went to the early 8am Mass, and after a quick breakfast we went to pick up Steven's dad to go check out the new family beach house! Here are some photos...

Keepin' it real. The kids LOVE the cable TV at the beach house!

Always puzzles and games at the beach!

Steven and his dad. They are so alike.

Baby's first time to really experience the beach as a toddler!

This was just a quick trip, in preparation for the few days we'd be spending there this week. Unfortunately it was rainy and gloomy there this week, but it was still so nice and needed for us to have a few days away. And at least we had some sunshine on this previous visit! We look forward to all the memories that will be made at this special place for our family!

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