Friday, August 18, 2017

County Fair 2017

Both girls did an amazing job at the County Fair this year. Mary Clare only entered Photography, and she was awarded "Reserve Champion" (2nd place!) for her amazing silhouette photo of her two sisters and the sunset. Ellie entered Handicrafts and got 5th place for her clay bead jewelry set and 4th place in Candy for her American flag butter mints.

They did amazing work on their entries and their interviews for making Top 10. Neither of them had ever gotten in Top 5 (Ellie had top 10 last year), which goes to the live auction the next night. What an honor for them both! I was a proud mama and proud 4-H Club Manager! They got to stand with their items (Ellie just with her 4th place mints since they can only auction one item) and then walk around during the live auction while there was live bidding going on. They earned about $1000 each at the live auction!

Mary Clare's Photo

Ellie's Jewelry Set and Flag Mints

Auction night

With their ballet friend who won Grand Champion for her rolls

The big winners (with little sis who always wants in on the pictures)!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Spring 2017 Memories

I think these are all on my Instagram feed and in the Chatbooks we print, but I felt the need to put them here too! Fun memories from Spring 2017!

trampoline park with homeschool group

my birthday gifts

Valentines breakfast

family game night

rodeo baby

st paddy's day

fishing tournament weigh in with daddy

county fair

houston zoo




Their first swim of the season

Aggie brothers

a fun birthday party

Mother's Day

a trip out to the local airport restaurant

Beach July 2017

We spent a couple nights at the family beach house in July. We brought along the two K girls and had some friends come down one of the days to hang out on the beach with us. It was just the refreshing time we desired in the middle of our summer break! And it was fun to share the day with 3 other families, one whose young children had never been to the beach before!

iPhone pics...

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