Sunday, August 20, 2017

Summer Snapshots Part 2

Some more snapshots of our summer fun, starting around early July...

The big boys had some fun fishing outings with Daddy

Mama had quite a few visits to the doctor with kiddos this summer, 
mainly for some recurring skin infections.

Had to get a shot of this bathroom, with the special baby seat!

Our one summer visit to the cool YMCA pool

Cecilia and Peter

A little fairy birthday party for a friend

Sweet fairy girls

Shopping at Old Navy

At the July 3rd Symphony

July 4th Fireworks

Neighbor friends playing with chalk after a pool outing

During our visit to the Godparents' new home in Tyler

Coloring sisters

Their house from the road home

Chickfila Cow Appreciation Day!

Peter loving the ice cream!

Our 16th Anniversary Dinner

My two friends since childhood, Melissa and Elizabeth,
came over with their kids for a Saturday brunch

The youngest 3 :)

The big kids went to see "The Lion King" musical with Steven's parents,
it was their Christmas present!

VBS/Catholic Kids Camp

The big girls went to volunteer at a downtown 
Houston soup kitchen several times this summer

This face. This is why it's been hard to go on many outings this summer.

A little mall visit. Katie enjoys PBK.

Schoolroom cleanup...All the old schoolbooks

3 brothers before bed

Sisters at the ballet store getting Katie's dance clothes and shoes!

Little sis feeding little bro

Back to homeschool potluck and dance

SJ leading the boys in games at the dance

And we have one more week of memories yet to come, including a trip away for a Catholic family conference. Can't wait! Gonna savor this last week of summer...

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