Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Away to the Bay

I got to take a weekend away with friends in early March, and then we were blessed to be able to take a trip down to a bay house on the coast the next weekend! It looked like it would be a weekend full of bad weather, but thankfully there was just some rain on Saturday morning, and then we had time to drive around, get some lunch, see the town, do some fishing, and the big kids even took a boat ride! It was a great weekend away as we prepared for a busy spring season of sports! (I'm posting these blog entries, but can't get to my photos to edit, so just imagine all of these straighter, cropped, brighter, and clearer!)
Took a pic of the kids when we arrived Friday night

There was lots of fishing...

Some driving around town...

Checking out the little aquarium and museum

Some photos of the town by Mary Clare

Daddy and the big kids stop at the house on their boat ride

Ellie catches a fish!

The babies hanging out inside with me

Such a fun time, even with some wind and rain!

A getaway for moms

One of the moms in our homeschool community had suggested a weekend getaway to the beach. It turned out that the family beach house was available that weekend, which allowed a large group to attend! It was such a blessing to have this time away with each talk, to pray, to cook, to draw, to sew, to read, to walk along the beach, and to attend mass at the next door beach house with a retreat of Catholic high schoolers.

It was the first weekend of Lent and gave all of us some time to ponder this season and how we would spend it. The Saturday evening mass was such a lovely high point, as we sang praise and worship songs with the high schoolers and sat with our babies in bar stools and on couches as we entered into those moments of worship and receiving Our Lord in Holy Communion. He felt so very close, during a time of much struggle for so many moms. Homeschooling is a lifestyle commitment; we are going against the flow of society, and having some time to nourish ourselves is so very important on our journey. Thanks be to God for these friendships and this wonderful weekend!

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