Friday, January 07, 2011

Quick update

Cardiologist appointment went fine. Steven Joseph did a great job! I prepared him for the possibility of an echocardiogram (which he had), EKG (he had), and x-ray (he didn't have). He got a little restless as the echo was ending and approaching 20-30 minutes. But overall he was a great patient and got to watch Elmo during the tests and play with his matchbox cars while he was waiting!

The gist of the update is that his defect is still the same, but it also might include the nearby pulmonary artery. So he will have his hole patched and possibly some reconstruction of the artery. We will know the specifics about that after the MRI, which will probably take place this summer (around July). After that we'll meet with the surgeon and schedule the surgery, probably this fall (around Oct/Nov). So I'll probably stay in denial and not talk about this as long as I can!

I'm nearly finished with my mom cave and can't wait to share it! Tomorrow we'll celebrate our big 8 year-old with her cousin and a couple friends. Then I'm looking forward to some weeks with no birthdays or important appointments! Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

Mary said...

I'll keep Stephen Joseph in my prayers. I have hearts by my doors at school...need to put them on my doors at home, too!

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