Monday, June 04, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend--The N Family Visits--Prep and Day 1

The kids had been anticipating the visit of our friends for weeks, so it was no wonder that we couldn't cancel based on a silly stomach virus!  It had pretty much left our family, but Thomas was still not 100%.  Still we pressed on and got ready for their visit, first with a trip to Academy for a birthday gift and some other needed items.  I didn't get a photo of the diaper catastrophe that happened after this photo, but just know that it wasn't pretty!

A stock-up trip to HEB was also on the agenda before their arrival.  I'd never bought so many organic items!  Having healthy friends over is one good way to improve your diet for a few days!  And the kids always have to get their Buddy Bucks after shopping there!

And look...the girls even cleaned their room!

They arrived late Thursday night and were up and rearing to go early Friday morning.  They started the day off with rollerblading and dress up!  What an ensemble!

We packed up the kids and headed over for a fun day at the Aquarium!

Here's my Instagram shot that I accidentally took while I was putting away the camera.

Whale statue outside the park with the city in the background.

Their first time to hold urchins!

After the dolphin show.  Sadly, the show only has 2 dolphins now since one died suddenly of an infection a couple months back.


This kind staff member spent about 20 minutes teaching our kids about sea turtles, also sharing her sorrow over the dolphin that died.

Our first time at the Aquarium Splash Park!

Dippin' Dots ice cream :)

And I must share my lovely farm-fresh veggies going into the Calabaza con Pollo that I made for dinner that night.  It's Steven's new favorite dish and worked well for the no-carb, no-sugar eating plan our friends were doing, they just skipped the rice, corn, and tortillas.  I put chicken in the crockpot while we were at the aquarium so it was ready to shred for the soup.  Yummy!

More photos to come...

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