Sunday, January 13, 2013

Monday Motivation

Thank you for voting!  We chose #3, the photo above and I just picked up the print from Sam's tonight which we'll mount and turn in for the 4H Show this week, along with some Homemaking projects she's finishing up.  Even my photographer friend voted for this one, so I think it was the right choice.  The only annoying part is that the sides get cut off when it turns to an 8x10 so it doesn't have the full effect.  But it still looks great!

This week will be full one with the Livestock Show along with continued rehearsals for the Alice and Wonderland ballet for the girls.  They had three 2-hr rehearsals this weekend and are exhausted!  Steven and Steven went deer hunting with a friend (the friend did get a deer), and I did some little errands throughout the weekend. 

We also had 6 families over on Friday at different times...5 moms over for a pizza lunch and playdate after our church classes that morning, then 2 of them came back for dinner and another joined us for our new "Friday Firepit Fun" where the dads and kids roast marshmallows (and drink beer and whiskey), while the ladies visit indoors, and the kids run around, catch snakes, get injured, and make a mess!  It was a great time!

Now I'm gearing up for a new week, and hoping that everything falls into place for all the activities going on.  Still some loose ends I need to tie up after the move, so I'll add those here so I don't forget.  Hope you all have a lovely week!

 A picture taken by Ellie!


Goals from last week:
1. Type up and print weekly homeschooling checklists (first get computer and printer working!)
2. Order new homeschooling books. PARTIAL
3. Pay bills and update addresses where needed. PARTIAL
4. Go to gym and get free week pass.
5. Daily readings on Laudate.  PARTIAL
6. Sacrament Prep time with Ellie
7. One daily Mass NOPE :(
8. Meals: Mon-Leftovers (grilled chicken/steak wraps or salad), Tues-Breakfast for dinner, Weds-Crockpot roast, Thurs-Baked chicken and rice, Fri-pizza, Sat-Grill/out, Sun-leftovers  Did okay on meals.  I didn't do the baked chicken and rice, but made Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken on Friday and have eaten leftovers all weekend.  We got fast food several times while running around, so I need to avoid that during all the running we'll be doing this week!

Goals for this week:
1. Make order for Seton homeschooling materials.
2. Complete some gift purchases.
3. Update bills and addresses (call BofA again, Allstate, Driscoll, and Dentist)
4. Decide on workout plan (gym or Zumba?)
5. Daily readings on Laudate
6. Help MC complete 4H projects and paperwork.
7. Art contest?
8. One Daily Mass
9. Take down the rest of the Xmas decor; hang the rest of the pictures inside.
10. Meals: Baked chicken and rice, Grilled chicken/steak, Pizza, Spaghetti, Pasta bake, Rotisserie chicken

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Jill said...

I missed casting my vote, but would have definitely voted for this one! Great job!

Love hearing about your lovely, busy lives!

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