Wednesday, January 23, 2013

County Jr. Livestock Show

We have really enjoyed our involvement in the 4-H program this year.  Our homeschool group has our own club which meets monthly at our church.  Then there are side activities like the Food Challenge and Food Show the girls participated in a few months ago.

Last week was the Jr. Livestock Show.  Starting in 3rd grade, the children are able to enter the Homemaking Categories of sewing, baking, crafting, etc.  Mary Clare entered a small hand quilt, a crafted fairy house, a pipe cleaner fairy, and her rose photograph.

Her quilt one 3rd place in her age category for Small Hand Quilts.  She won a gift certificate to JoAnn's fabrics as well as a small monetary gift if she opens a bank account.  She's looking forward to doing that soon, and starting to save for a car and for college.

Here she is with her quilt

And here is her fairy house, decorated with seashells and sand.  She even made furniture inside with shells!

Here's her beautiful rose photo.  The photography category was very competitive with dozens of photos entered.

 All the kids in the exhibit hall with the homemaking entries.  I love how Tommy has one boot off and one boot on!

Checking out some of the livestock

Watching some livestock judging.  I think this was the goats.


And Mary Clare's ribbons: 4 blue ribbons for each entry and the white for her 3rd place award.  

We are looking forward to future years of livestock shows!  The girls are already planning next year's entries.  Ellie will be able to join the show next year.  4-H seems like a wonderful program, very low cost, with lots of opportunities for growth in different areas, and many scholarship opportunities, too!


Lena said...

beautiful creations.

praise God that you have found a family friendly activity for your children to expand their learning.

Anonymous said...

Oh Blair! I have so many fond memories of 4-H projects and activities! Some of the fun and learning was down your way because our district included south Texas. In fact, I'll never forget being announced as a winner of the Gold Star Award at a banquet held at Holiday Inn Emerald Beach in Corpus Christi in 1980. Competing at the State 4-H Roundup introduced me to Texas A&M --and the rest is history! :) My life was greatly enriched thanks to 4-H and I am now a Lifetime Member of the 4-H Foundation. I encourage your sweet family to keep up the great work and later take advantage of the student leadership programs which will open doors for many scholarship opportunities. Warmest regards, Beverly

Jill said...

I love your sweet family and all of the enriching things you do with them!

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