Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Circus!

I admit that both Steven and I have had pretty much no interest in taking our kids to the circus.  Really, we have our own (Barnum &) Bailey Circus here, if you know what I mean!  All the lights and crazy acts just seemed overwhelming in my head, but actually it was a really fun afternoon and not too overwhelming for our crew.

We were gifted with box seats to the Shriner's Circus from a generous friend, which was a great setup with food and drinks and a little sofa seating area as well as the stadium seats.  What a treat!  Here are a few photos...

Rope climbing/spinning
They also had trapeze artists and ladies who hung from their hair!  Ouch!

Tiger tamer with 7 tigers!  He's sitting on one.

Thomas fell asleep on the drive there, and we were able to carry him 
into the arena and up to the sofa in the box area to continue his nap!  
But once we saw the elephants coming out, we woke him up!  
Love his little tummy and the doll hanging out next to him :)


The elephants!

This guy was amazing, balancing Chinese pots on his head, 
spinning and throwing them, too!

An attempt to get the kids to look and smile...

Too much to look at!

I think the favorite acts of the boys were the motorcycles 
and this guy who was launched out of a canon!

It was a fun afternoon and maybe we won't be so biased against circuses anymore!  Have you taken your kids to the circus? 

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