Thursday, June 19, 2008

What I love

about my house...

I love how you walk inside to see the giant playhouse and messy playroom when you first walk in the door.

I love the jump rope in the hallway and the Johnny Jump Up hanging in the doorway.

I love the little baby toys all over the living room.

I love the stroller and shopping cart in the bathroom.

I love the Juicy Juice in the fridge and the Pop-Ice in the freezer.

I love the overgrown garden and the corn stalks with bean plants wrapped around them.

I love the smell of sunscreen, the swimsuits strewn about the house, and the beach towels drying on the fence.

I love the cute little cloth diaper wrapped around the dimply, rolly belly.

I love the tap shoes worn all around the house.

I love the little voice crying "I don't have a spot" in the middle of the night.

I love the tears and concern when the dog escapes from the backyard, again.

I love the letters with invented spelling found on the floor "PLEZ HELP ME"

I love the giggles that come from the baby as he watches his sisters dance around the room.

I love the snoring children while I eat ice cream and surf the net!

And I really love the beeping of the alarm when Daddy comes in the back door. Because even if I didn't love all those things very well today, he makes it all better.

I love my house. I love my life. I love my husband and children. Thank you, God :)


Anonymous said...

Blair, once again your perspective touches my heart and reminds me of what is important (and what isn't!).

...Oh, and you would have really loved my house yesterday LOL! (but we all worked as a team and it's in a much better shape now! :)


Jill said...

I love your loves!
I also really like that print in your previous post. You really should get that. Isn't it fun to find pictures of families that are just like your's? I especially like meeting real life families with my same number/genders.
Have a great weekend with those precious kiddos and husband.

B-Mama said...

Beautiful thoughts, Blair, and as mentioned, great reminders for me of the little blessings in what sometimes feels like the craziness of homelife! Thank you for such a touching perspective!!

Have a wonderful weekend and blessings.

candyspirit said...

I love seeing all the things at our house, the swing, the bouncy seseat, crayon writings on papers, SJ's baby bib, apple juice in the refrig for Ellie, homemade fruit popsicles for Mary Clare in the freezer, baskets full of kids toys in the living room, swimsuits hanging in our utility, girly beach towels in my closet, riding cars in the garage, kid scissors next to the adult scissors on my desk, doll beds with dolls covered up awaiting little mommies to arrive and play with them, lots of special handmade cards here and there, and of course the photos all over the house of all our precious grandchildren - Life keeps getting better!!!
Love, Mom

Julia said...

What a perfect prayer of gratitude! I feel all of these things and say them in my head but need to vocalize them more, thanks for sharing!!! :)

Lerin said...

I just LOVE the way our babies decorate the house... thanks for this entry.

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