Sunday, June 15, 2008

For Steven


Lillian said...

Happy Father's Day, Steven!! What a wonderful collection of pictures, Blair!! Miss ya'll and can't wait to see you guys!

candyspirit said...

Hi Sissy!

Your memories slide show of Steven with Mary Clare, Ellie and SJ tell a special story of how Father's Day is really celebrated everyday. What sweet LOVE!!!

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful gift for a wonderful daddy! That was extra-special of you to take the time to put all those great photos together.

Cecilia sends hugs and kisses to her Godfather -- Happy Father's Day!!!

Roxanna said...

Cute slideshow! Good job Blair!

amy said...

Nice slide show. I see you all are Texans and Aggies!!?? Whooop.

Dh and I are class of '90 and '91. Came upon your blog via another homeschooling blog.

God bless you and your beautiful, growing family.

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