Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A New Creation!

Welcome to the Church, Addison! We love you!
(thanks to NeNe and PaPa's camera :)


Colleen said...

Congratulations to Addison and her proud parents.

By the way, I love your dress in that picture!

Shannon said...

Blair, you look fabulous!!!

B-Mama said...

I echo the above comments--congratulations and you look so cute in black and white, Blair! Love the dress!

Lillian said...

Blair, you look awesome!!! I'm still wearing maternity clothes up to a year after babies are born. :-/

Blair said...

Aw, thanks ladies. I think it must be something with the camera angle ;-) I tried to hold it all in! I still have lots of baby weight, (about 10 lbs from each pregnancy!) and can't fit into any of my normal summer clothes :-( We're trying to make an exercise plan but it hasn't happened yet. Please share any ideas!

Rich said...

Baptisms are great! Congratulations!

I remember when Andrew, our second child, was baptized. Austin Riddle, the godfather, made a comment at the reception: "Now the heathen is purified." I laughed my socks off. One of my relatives, on the other hand, was a little offended. Only afterwards did I explain to him about the Church's view of original sin. He still insisted that Andrew was a child of God beforehand. I mentioned that the Rite of Baptism contains an exorcism. End of story.

We hope you guys are doing very well.

Rich said...

Blair, see my post on my blog. It'd be too much to re-hash all the details. :-)

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