Saturday, June 28, 2008

You have to read this story...

and watch the videos here:
from the Washington Post
(Fr. Brendan, a priest we know, mentioned it in his homily a few weeks ago)

One of the most famous violinists, Joshua Bell, claimed to be the most famous classical musician in America, plays his Stradivarius violin in the DC subway station. Over 1000 people walk by and only a few stop to listen, dropping in pennies! I hope I would've been one of the few to stop!

Good food for thought...

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Rich said...

We've so over-emphasized Math and Science, and so under-emphasized art that our country is losing its soul. Think about it. How many American painters are world famous? Is there any modern art you'd want on your walls? Does it inspire like Renaissance oil paintings?

Nah, we have rock and roll music on cheap CD's or on our cheap mp3 players. Everything is easy and portable.

This is something I have discovered as a Catholic, too. So much artistic, musical, and liturgical heritage is there for inspiring the soul, but we settle for junk because we don't want to spend time pondering, wondering, thinking, etc....

I think text messaging, 30-second TV ads, and most media technologies have shortened our attention span, too. So the idea of reading a classical novel does not even occur to people. Why bother when you can enjoy reality TV?

This is something that singing in the Schola has helped me realize. I think whenever anyone takes time to learn some type of disciplined art, they immediately begin to see that true beauty is not something that is quick and manufactured. It takes time and deserves appreciation. This guy has probably spent years on the violin to get this good. I think that dedication is incredible. However, since most people hear music like this on the radio, on their mp3 players, or even in the elevator, they take it for granted that it's simply there. They don't stop to think about all the blood sweat and tears artists shed for this type of beauty.

Okay, my rant is over. Thanks for the post, Blair. It reminds me not to sell my soul for the quick media fixes out there.

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