Friday, June 06, 2008


Since I haven't already posted enough tonight and since I should totally be awake uploading videos instead of sleeping at 1 am, for your viewing enjoyment....

Stevie starting to sit up, for a few seconds at least!

While all the other children were looking at books at the BOOKstore, Ellie found the books that played music and was performing and having dance class on the stage. Here's one of her performances before she got her little boy friend over there on stage left (yes I had to Google to remember which were stage right and left!) to take pictures of her with a book shaped like a camera and tell her what dance steps to do. So funny! Although the older Barnes & Noble employee did not find her antics as funny as the rest of us and we had to make a quick exit with two crying girls! That might not be the best place for a dancing princess with no nap ;-)
Please excuse the short shirt--I guess that one is ready for the storage bin!

And finally, Mary Clare did this little video today. I just watched it for the first time and got a huge chuckle. I'm sure you will too!
And she did make another video after that using some books to hold the camera, but she never got around to dancing or performing, so I'll spare you that one today (since my large rear-end appears in it too)!

Have a fabulous Friday, everyone!


Colleen said...

That Mary Clare video is hilarious!

uskids said...

I love all 3 videos! Each in their own expression!! sitting up-creative dance, creative thinking!!
What a fun mix!
Love, Mom

Lerin said...

Your kiddos are so cute! Thanks for sharing. :)

Shannon said...

I'm cracking up! Mary Clare has quite the personality! She will love to see that when she's older!

SimmonsFamily said...

Caleb and Kyle had matching outfits that were identical to the one Stephen is wearing in his video. what memories...

Jill said...

Oh, Mary Clare and Aslynn are SO similar! They would be quite a pair in real life. :)

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