Sunday, December 23, 2007

We're Home!

Just got home after 3 peaceful nights in the hospital :) I love my "vacations" there and had some wonderful nurses, fun visitors, and pretty easy recovery. Turns out all those contractions the night before were actually real labor. They were only 2-3 minutes apart when we arrived at the hospital and just before the c-section discovered that I was fully dilated with a bulging bag of water!!! We considered trying to go ahead for a VBAC but ended up thankful to have chosen the c-section as he was very high (my babies have never dropped even after pushing for hours), he was "sunny side up", and apparently my uterus was extremely thin and could have ruptured. Please pray that my body heals and recovers well as we would really love to welcome a few more children if my body can handle it!

Here are some other pics from the delivery and from today :)

Here's when I went to the hospital on Monday when we thought they'd go ahead and deliver. I wasn't quite this happy when we arrived on Thursday morning in full blown labor!

With my boys!

Big sisters today!

Steven Joseph

Didn't quite like his carseat!


Em said...

Ok, I just have to ask... do you just have some ridiculously high pain threshold or something??? How in the world did you go through transition without realizing it????!!!!! I'm jealous!!!
I've been thinking of you often and we have been keeping you in our prayers. Happy babymooning! Little Steven looks so much like Ellie.... he's so cute!

Lindsey said...

These pictures are great! Look how beautiful you are, even in the OR after a complete labor!!! I hope you are resting and takng it easy, Blair! You seem awfully chipper and active from my perspective here on the other side of the internet! LOL Merry Christmas, sweetie. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, he's just precious, Blair and Steven! He looks so much like his adorable big sister, Ellie!! You have such a beautiful family.
Jennifer W. +

Blair said...

I keep wondering the same thing Emily. In fact it totally frustrates me to know how far I got only to be "cut open" again...I could have been one of those med-free ladies! I honestly felt like I did in early/middle labor with the girls (always very painful contractions), just closer together. I was handling them okay until I had to go to the bed in triage, then I was moaning and crying and miserable thinking I'd have to wait an hour for pain relief.

I feel fairly chipper when I have my vicodin, Lindsey. Just now I had to wait 7 hours (not sure why it took over 3 hrs for the pharmacy to fill). Still waiting for it to fully kick in...

Em said...

Didn't you say you got to 10 with each baby? That really is amazing, Blair. I had epidurals with my first two, a natural hospital labor with my third (ouch) and then an obviously natural labor with my homebirth. After my natural labor hospital birth with Lucy I forgave myself for getting epidurals the first two times because I realized I would have been begging for the epidurals anyway.... (I got them when I wasn't in that much pain because the doctors kept pressuring me that I wouldn't be able to take the pain later on and they wouldn't be able to get the anesthesiologist in when I needed him. I felt soooo guilty about it later). Anyway,you really impress me with how you handle labor. Kudos to you! I'm sorry you ended up with a c-section again.... that must have been so frustrating.... particularly since the hard part was behind you. It must have been hard to have the vaginal delivery option waved in front of you again, after it seemed everything was so simple with the scheduled c-section. I have so much admiration for you and what you have gone through to bring life into the world. I love natural labor, but the truth is that no one can really "control" birth. Despite our best plans, things can go in an entirely different direction than we ever imagined. I plan to homebirth this baby, but I very well could end up with a c-section in the hospital. God has his own plans for each of us and for each birth. I think Jenny K. on myfamily planned a homebirth that turned cesarean after the baby didn't turn. So, it happens.
Anyway, this is a long drawn out way of saying that you did an awesome job and your baby is beautiful... and I meant to write before but forgot to.... that that is the most beautiful momma c-section pic I have ever seen! Really. I just can't believe you looked so put together right after surgery!
Anyway.... before a child climbs on the keyboard and deletes all this.... I'm glad you are home with your new little one for Christmas. Have a good one!

Rachel said...

Those pictures are wonderful! I love the one of Steven holding him near your head after your c-section--it's so cute! When I saw the first picture of him alone, I immediately thought how much he looks like MC.

Way to go making it all the way to a 10 and not even really knowing it! Enjoy your amazing Christmas present, and I'm praying you have a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Blair, y'all have a beautiful baby boy! The girls look like great big sisters. Enjoy!
~ Kristy Larkin :)

Anna said...

Aww, Blair, he's so precious! I love the picture of Ellie where he's nearly falling through, and the close-up, too.

KBratten said...

Beautiful family Blair!

Clarissa said...

Congrats Blair! Steven Joseph is beautiful!!!!!

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