Monday, December 03, 2007

Bye, Bye, Thumb!

Maybe I will find the "invitations" tomorrow, but here's what Mary Clare wrote (about her celebration for making it almost 3 weeks without her thumb or blankeys):


She also wanted to write "because the dentist told me to stop sucking my thumb" but I told her she could leave that part out! She wrote it in pencil on 3 different folded sheets of paper and wanted to mail them to her cousins. We sent the info by email instead ;) She also wanted to get party favors and a cake, but Mommy had to explain that it was just an outing, not a real party like a birthday. And her birthday (FIVE!) is only one month away!

We ended up celebrating on Sunday. Steven's parents and several sisters met us at a restaurant right by Chuck E Cheese for a nice lunch before we braved the Chuck E Craziness! Actually it wasn't too bad and the cousins had so much fun.

The girls and their first "rollercoaster"

MC figured out that this fishing game gave lots of tickets!

Ellie having a go at the fishing

Enjoying the cupcakes from their triplet cousins' birthday the day before! Happy Birthday, Cooper, Major, and Joshua! We can't believe it's been a year and are so thankful for your precious lives. Can't wait to celebrate your baptism and big birthday celebration in a couple weeks!

Speaking of cousins, please offer a little prayer for one of my nieces who is Mary Clare's age and in the hospital with a little infection in her foot. She stepped on something last week and it was getting worse. Hopefully little P will be doing better and be back home very soon!

Okay, well Peter is having fun with my bladder tonight. Probably that huge cup of lemonade I just drank. I'm starting to feel like he's going to just pop out of my belly it's stretching so much! I can't believe how close we are to meeting our little man!


Em said...

How fun!
Prayers for you as you get through the last weeks of pregnancy. What an exciting time! I absolutely can't wait to see pics of little Peter.

Lillian said...

Yeah Mary Clare!!! Great job!

Julia said...

What a great idea!!!! Congrats Mary Clare!! I wonder if I could have a "help Dominic forget about his pacifier party" playdate....I always said I'd try to wean him from them at 2 but it's the only thing that really soothes him when he's upset or wired! Maybe we'll shoot for 3..... :)

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