Monday, November 26, 2007

Starting to decorate...

Tree is trimmed! You might notice a lot of toys on the floor...I also found a box of baby toys from the attic which has kept the girls entertained today!

Altar is moved to the other side of the room, Nativity is up, and some various other Christmas items are around the fireplace still to be organized.

Next in line are some outdoor lights on the hedges. I love decorating for Christmas!


Em said...

Your tree looks beautiful!!!!! I love decorating for Christmas, too. This is the first year we are doing it early and not on Christmas Eve. For along time now we have been trying to celebrate Advent and wanted to wait to put up the signs of Christmas celebration until the actual Feast Day. For some reason it just left Advent feeling kind of empty... everytime.... and then the Christmas decorating felt too rushed and last minute. I am so happy to be decorating early this year, even if it isn't liturgically as sound;). So I am totally having a blast! I'm glad you are having fun too and your house looks great!

Blair said...

Yeah, Steven's family always waited until Christmas Eve too. I know some families who wait for certain things (ornaments, red/green decor) until after Advent. I'm putting up my Advent wreath and planning for the Jesse Tree activities again. But even with the Christmas decorations up, I think we all still feel the anticipation and waiting! The most wonderful time of year!

Em said...

I think it is honestly easier for me to feel the anticipation and waiting with the decorations up. Maybe it is because I grew up with them up and so not having them there makes me feel something is missing.... I don't know. We honestly gave it a good go, but I am soooo glad to decorate early this year!!!! I love Advent/Christmas!

Jill said...

Beautiful decorations. It's fun to see.

Isn't it funny how interesting baby toys can be to 'big kids' when they haven't seen them in awhile? :)

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