Wednesday, November 07, 2007


has begun! I bought my supplies this afternoon and have gotten to work painting our bedroom. It's the perfect weather to leave doors and windows open for ventilation. And we have nothing planned this evening, except to attempt to finish painting and eat a dinner of crockpot macaroni and cheese!

I've had three crises already today, though, and I'm a bit exhausted from them. We've had a tripping incident resulting in a very damaged toy guitar (one of Ellie's favorite toys). Then we had a red slush drink spilled in the carseat all over a child's clothing on the way to Wal-Mart! Finally, I spilled a ton of paint, thankfully it was on the tarp but soaked through my pants. I am really a mess when it comes to painting!

I've only got one wall painted so far because I have a bed that needs to be moved and an alarm box that needs to be removed from the wall, and I can't get through to Steven's cell phone!

Maybe this nesting thing isn't quite what it's cut out to be. And I've got a long way to go! Hopefully in the late night hours I'll have an almost-completely painted room to post...we'll see. Back to the brush...


Melissa said...

Good luck, Blair!!!
Try to get some rest!
Happy Painting!

Lillian said...

Oh my!! Glad to hear the tarp was down. Better your pants than your beautiful carpeting!!

Maybe Steven can just finish it for you?! Does nesting actually mean YOU have to do the work?! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hey Blair the paint looks great. This is why we haven't seen you on the NFP board lately. Looks great, take advantage of that nesting energy!

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