Sunday, November 04, 2007

More Celebration!

Yesterday our homeschool group had the big All Saints' Day party at a family's beautiful home and ranch out in the country! I think there were probably over 100 people there! It was a gorgeous afternoon and so nice to be outside the city, to hear the crickets, see the stars, and breathe in the fresh air. Our week of excitement is over and now we're on to preparations for the coming months of Thanksgiving, Peter's arrival, and Christmas! Here are some highlights from yesterday...

A peaceful drive there for Mommy ;)

A beautiful drive out to the country

Coming up on the beautiful home

Ellie talking to the chickens

MC as St. Queen Elizabeth of Hungary minus her crown and basket of bread and flowers

Little "Mary" is not sure what's going on...

The saint parade begins!

Steven was my photographer and had to leave early, so I'm without any good pictures of the various saint games (18 booths, everything from face painting to bingo to tractor rides!). But here is a beautiful butterfly shot he took.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I've been doing lots of nesting, less than 6 weeks until our bundle arrives!


Jill said...

What an amazing homeschool group you must be a part of. What a neat event!

veronica said...

less than 6 weeks??? Oh, my goodness... that just sounds right around the corner! yay!

Em said...

Oh my goodness... I can't believe it's almost time. We are so excited for you all... and you are still in our prayers as you continue this last little stretch of pregnancy.

Blair said...

Actually I think it may be just over 6 weeks...I can't count right now! Either way, it's getting close and I'm not really sure he's going to make it until the 20th! Nesting time for real...

And yes, Jill, we are very blessed to have this great Catholic homeschool group in our area. I'm not sure I'd be so confident about homeschooling if I didn't have the support of all these wonderful local families!

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