Saturday, November 17, 2007

Friday fun

An attempt to get them to smile for a quick picture before going into their homeschool class at church today! Thanks NeNe for their cute new matching outfits!

Ellie decopageing her box

Mary Clare working hard

Finished products!

What was put inside the boxes, their little hearts to give Jesus for Christmas :) We've put them on our family altar.

They also sang "The Little Drummer Boy" and played with drums, and made sock puppets for the sweet Christmas poem, "The Friendly Beasts". Ellie was so proud to perform in the little puppet show! It was a fun Fine Arts class!

Here are my usual dinner-time helpers putting salad together :)

And here's what they do all day, play "girly" things like wedding! Ellie was the flower girl who already came in, you can see the coffee table becomes the altar, and Mary Clare always plays the beautiful bride!

It was a nice relaxing Friday afternoon and evening. I hope you all enjoy the same sort of weekend...God bless!


Julia said...

Those boxes are stunning!!!! :) What a lovely project with special significance! I don't suppose you can post the "recipe?" ;)

Blair said...

Julia, it was just some different kinds of tissue paper (one plain gold, one w/ swirls and one w/ stars) ripped into little pieces and decopaged onto the little cardboard box using paintbrushes. It was fairly simple but I did have to finish both the girls' boxes since doing the top, sides, and inside was a bit much for them! The leaders had printed the little poem and bought the mini gold hearts to put inside and some little gold bows to glue on the outside. I think that was it!

Shannon said...

your house is so lovely!!

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