Friday, November 09, 2007

New Look!

I've been meaning to fix up my banner and template, but can only do it here at my parents' house with the Photoshop program! So here's my fall look :) It's back to warmer weather here again, so it doesn't really feel like November. Thanksgiving in two weeks? Baby in less than 6 weeks? Wow. I am just amazed that I am going to have a baby boy in my arms NEXT MONTH! My next blog banner should show THREE children!

I haven't worked on the faux headboard painting yet, maybe tonight. This weekend will hopefully be filled with lots of house projects, mostly furniture-painting. Then we can get to put the nursery and master bedroom back together...I'm anxious for that! I've done a little Christmas shopping and planning, and got to work purging the playroom yesterday. I'll have some pictures of that to show you. Let me just say that we have way too many dolls!

Well, I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Melissa said...

Blair! TOOOO cute! I LOVE the new look!

Sorry I've been so bad about commenting lately. I read your blog regularly but have just been too distracted to leave a reply! Your bedroom is beautiful, blue is my favorite color! And I think the crib bedding you have picked out is absolutely PERFECT. How blessed your life is right now! Isn't it absolutely glorious? :)

B-Mama said...

I'm laughing at your last line because here with two boys, we have ZERO dolls! lol :) We had one last year that we gave away because neither gave any attention to it! Footballs, baseballs, etc., now we're talking! :) In other words, get excited for your BOY!

Blair said...

Melissa, no worries about not commenting! I love blue too! And yes, my life is truly blessed right now :)

B-We have pretty much ZERO boy toys! We have a few cars, balls, and one train set. When we have boys over they have to dig through things to find something semi-suitable for their play!

Yes, I'm getting very excited about my BOY!!!

Stephanie said...

Love the new Fall look. I had no idea you had moved to H but I work and only get to Mom's group when I'm on break.

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