Sunday, September 21, 2014

Four Years Old! And some Tommy Funnies

Big Tommy boy turned four years old today!  We ended up coming to the Houston area a day early, so we spent his birthday at the farm with the godparents and their kids. We went to a very early morning mass, then went back to the farm where they blew up their bounce house, he got to ride on the kid Gator and the big Gator around the property, my parents came to celebrate, and he got to have cupcakes and open a lot of fun presents!  He was thrilled with a bunch of Rescue Bots and farm toys, which will hopefully keep him entertained at the hotel this week! We love our affectionate Thomas and can't believe he's already four! 

I've been keeping a list of Tommy-isms the past few months and thought this would be a great time to share them!

He said he wanted a cape for his birthday.  
"Ellie thinks the cape's not going to make me fly."

While on a road trip in two cars (girls always ride with me and boys with Steven), he kept asking Daddy how long until they would get to Prasek's (pit stop). Daddy said if he asked one more time he wouldn't be able to go into the store when they arrived. He was quiet for a few minutes and then asked, "Well, when's MOMMY going to get to Praseks?"

Asked me one morning after a donut breakfast:
"Can I have a Popsicle for dessert? I ate my donuts!"

One day while the baby was fussing:
"I think Katie's crying because she wants a fishing rod."

He kept repeating:
"I don't like gaws."
"No I don't like gaws (garrs). They have fins like fish and mouths like alligators."

"I like this backyard (Surfside beach house)."
And later, "Can we go to the hotel that has a beach in the backyard?"

At the extended stay hotel:
"How does the couch turn Into a bed?"
I respond that it's magic! 
"Well, can it turn into an airplane?"

Was not happy about getting his hair cut but was hoping for a treat after being brave. They didn't offer anything. So as we leave Great Clips, he walks slowly through the doorway, glances back in, and says loudly and wistfully, "Sometimes they give you lollipops..." 

I tell him that Katie can only eat soft foods like bananas and avocado. 
"Can she eat butter?"

We asked what he might want for his birthday. 
"I know what I want. A REMOTE CONTROL VOLCANO!!!"

Happy Birthday, Thomas William! May it be the best year yet!


Melissa D. said...

oh this just made my morning. I think my favorite was "when is Mommy going to get to Prasek's?" What a smart handsome boy! Happy Birthday Tommy!

Hani said...

The Tommyisms are so cute! I agree about garrs. My elementary school in Houston had a creek that ran along the side and back of the playground, and the boys used to tell us the garrs in there were so big they'd eat us alive if we fell in! Back then I was terrified and stayed well away from the creek!
I'll be praying you can all get settled in one place very soon.

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