Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Monday Motivation

Top row: Sunset while driving to the farm, Katie awake late at night, Tommy on his birthday after mass at St. Mary's
2nd row: Katie (7mos) and Pio (6mos), me on the hotel elliptical, MC crocheting and watching Little House while the rest were swimming (old soul)
3rd row: Katie asleep in the Ergo, awake on the hotel bed, and playing in her thrifty play pen...a laundry basket!

Happy Monday!  Except it just ended.  Welcome, Tuesday.  This is a week filled with Catholic feast days.  The Archangels, St. Therese, the Guardian Angels, and St. Francis feasts are all this week.  I'm really feeling like a slacker in celebrating the beautiful feasts of our Church with the kids.  At least the girls had a Michaelmas tea last week at their girls' club!  One of these days I will feel settled again and able to create some more fun family traditions.  I was also reading about some preschool ideas on Catholic Icing, and was thinking about just how much my little ones would enjoy doing a few extras like crafts, games, centers, etc.  Being a former early childhood teacher, you would think I would have a home filled with fun kids' activities, but I think I need to work on some of that, especially when we move.  I'd like to take extra time to make some fun learning memories with the boys.

We are back home again, jiggety jig, and all that.  I really hate that drive.  I'm looking forward to taking a long break from road trips once we move!  It wouldn't be so bad if we could travel in one car, but doing it separately is rough.  Today I was reading about some moms in Central America who have to walk eight hours to get to a hospital to have their babies or to get any medical help, and it put these kinds of complaints into perspective!  Please pray for Colleen, her family, and the people they minister to in Costa Rica.  They run a home for pregnant mothers who live in a remote forest reserve, to help them before and after delivery, and during other times of medical need.  My other current prayer intention for those I follow online is for Mary and her daughter Courtney.  Courtney has had a seizure disorder since she was a baby and doctors believe she will be going home to the Father in the next few months.  Please say a little prayer for their family too.

We had some drama at bedtime tonight.  Steven was in the guest room watching a movie on his tablet with some of the kids, and Thomas fell off the bed, knocking his head on a wall corner.  After about 30 seconds, they turned on the light to find that he was bleeding EVERYWHERE!  I had just gotten Katie to sleep and rushed upstairs to help.  It was about an hour of cleaning mattress, carpet, bedding, clothes, and people.  Steven looked like he'd been in a war zone with blood all over him.  What an end to another crazy day!

We're having a few challenges staying on top of the schoolwork with all the changes going on.  I really wish this whole move had taken place in the summer!  But more to offer up in prayer, right?  It was nearly 7pm before we finished our work today.  Tomorrow I've got to get going early in the morning!  But today I needed to pay bills and take care of some house things after arriving back last night.  I think I did save us over $1000 by making some phone calls about the baby's hospital bills from her birth, so I guess the late start was totally worth it!

Now I need to get to bed and I'll write out a few goals for the week...

~Start school by 9am, try to finish by 3pm!
~Do grading of schoolwork right away.
~Continue gathering info and forms for a health insurance change.
~Take car to Discount Tire for leak problem.
~Car also needs to go in for inspection and recall updates.
~Grocery store for oil, laundry detergent, etc.
~Returns at Old Navy.
~Cook something other than breakfast fare, rotisserie chicken, and frozen pizza!

Have a good week, friends!

Top row: Katie sitting by the mirror, Ellie doing her online class, Tommy helping with laundry
2nd row: fun at Top Golf, Katie eating keys, a yummy and pretty lunch at Top Golf
3rd row: the shortcut to our hotel room from the pool area, Ellie and SJ at the pool, and Tommy at breakfast asking if I knew where OJ comes from :)

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Unknown said...

Funny story about breakfast for dinner: when I was little, my mom did breakfast for dinner so much that once when she served eggs for breakfast I said, "Eggs for breakfast!" in a very disbelieving tone.

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