Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Snapshot Catch-Up

So many of our daily snapshots are captured on my iPhone and kept on Instagram, but I haven't printed any of these and don't want to lose them.  They're all such special little memories of our days!  We had lots of fun these last few weeks of summer!

Top row: Ellie making a wedding collage at NeNe's, Katie doesn't like her new dress, "No caps worn backwards" and "No bandannas" at the go-cart place!, and Ellie on a go-cart (using coupons from their summer reading
2nd row: the boys on go-carts, Katie wearing a denim jumper of the girls' and MC did her 6mon photo shoot, walking to mass on the Assumption, and SJ dressed up to be in the photo shoot
3rd row: mini golf on the island finally, Tommy inhaling goldfish crackers, messy schoolroom prep, mohawk baby hair
4th row: growing water beads I bought for fun, Katie in the bumbo, Katie and Ellie, and the boys playing outside

These are all from our San Antonio trip:
1st Row: MC in the room, the lazy river, SJ watching the outdoor movie, Ellie on the tree swing,
2nd row: Katie eating a menu at Cracker Barrel breakfast, kids sharing drink, playground out our door, Tommy asleep on the bench at Chuy's
3rd row: girls took this of Katie in goggles, conference speaker, cutie pie Katie, and sitting on our porch.
4th row: Tommy running barefoot, getting ready for mass, SJ on tree swing, and my torn up Jamberry nails!

1st row: Sweet brother/baby time, happy girl in her exersaucer, kids on the first day of school
2nd row: the best part of moving...purging!, the boys digging into ice cream, the girls with their fondant cake
3rd row: Katie at her first baseball game in her "little" bow, bedroom ready and clean for showings, and Tommy joining me on my final lap around the block

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