Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Fullness of Truth Conference

Here are some photos from our weekend in San Antonio at the Fullness of Truth Catholic Evangelization Conference.  It was a wonderful weekend and just what we needed before the chaos of the fall semester began.  I haven't blogged in the past week because we started homeschooling, packed up half the house, prepped it for showings, packed for a long trip to Houston, drove all five kids by myself in a rainstorm, arrived in Houston, looked at some houses, and started week two of homeschooling today while two children have been puking at the hotel. Yay, Labor Day!

Anyway, the conference was huge and we enjoyed attending the Adoration and Praise & Worship the first night, Mass on Saturday and Sunday, Steven got to listen to two talks, and I heard one talk.  Aside from the encouragement we received, we also experienced great fellowship and community with lots of other wonderful Catholic families.  I hope we can attend again next year.  Thanks to the Fullness of Truth ministry team (and their spouses) and all who worked hard to put this on.  It was such a blessing to us!

Photos from my big camera...

And more phone snapshotsl to come! Can't wait for next year!

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